About us – CIBI Foundation

About us

CIBI foundation was born in 2017 in Miami, Florida with the sole objective of making a difference.


CIBI wants to create awareness around each cause it supports. Knowledge is the most important factor.

Team of volunteers

The foundation is based on volunteers, all passionate about the programs.

Impact & growth

We wanna make change happen, that's why we look for creative ways to reach out and make a difference.

Join Us

CIBI always needs professional, passionate and disciplined people to join the team and assist us in helping more!

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to lend a hand directly or indirectly. And our philosophy is to support the best organization or person for each cause, we think we grow faster and impact more people together than apart.


We want for each dollar to have the most impact, each cause and program is studied and analyzed to try and make the most impact out of every cent.
And the best way to grow and get better is feedback. Want to tell us something? Get in touch!

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